Procurement careers

Have you considered a career in government procurement?

What is procurement? Procurement is anything government agencies buy and use including goods, services and construction.

Selecting value for money in procurement transcations helps fund schools, hospitals, transport and more. You can make a real impact in working within a government procurement team.

A career in NSW Government procurement can offer:

  • working for environmental good
  • social change
  • solutions to sustainability
  • giving back to your community
  • diversity of work
  • collaborative working

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Procurement roles across the sector

Procurement roles across the sector including category managers, contract managers, procurement advisors, analysts, policy advisors and more are located on the iWorkforNSW website

Graduates looking to apply for graduate roles

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School leavers looking to understand procurement careers and study pathways

Procurement role descriptions

Procurement role descriptions may be used to enhance your procurement skills within the sector.

Each role description has the following components:

  • primary purpose of the role
  • key accountabilities
  • key challenges
  • key relationships
  • capabilities for the role (linked to the procurement capability set)
  • focus capabilities.

Procurement sector role descriptions were developed by the Public Service Commission in collaboration with NSW Government agencies and endorsed by the Procurement Leadership Group.

For more information please visit the Public Service Commission website.