Intermediate procurement training

    Effective procurement capabilities for the NSW public sector

    This training is designed for NSW Government employees who are not procurement specialists but who may be involved in procurement activities that use whole-of-government or agency-specific arrangements and/or involve seeking competitive quotations. 

    Face-to-face training

    This training is delivered over 2 days. Special discounts are available for group bookings and IPAA NSW members.

    On completion, participants should be able to:

    • apply NSW Government regulatory and policy framework to a procurement activity
    • plan a procurement
    • approach the market
    • conduct a procurement
    • manage a contract
    • apply appropriate probity to a procurement.

     Find more information or register on the IPAA NSW website.

    Professional development

    To develop your Intermediate Procurement and Contract Management capabilities beyond the formal training available, you could consider the following which are aligned to the 70:20:10 Learning and Development model:

    70: Experience

    • reviewing information on ProcurePoint
    • searching your agency’s intranet under procurement and becoming familiar with procurement process maps, handouts, newsletters, policies and procedures and presenting your findings of what is most relevant to your area back to your team
    • reviewing procurement templates and filling out a ‘dummy’ or ‘test’ document and presenting back to your manager for feedback
    • agreeing an appropriate time with your manager to conduct a delegated purchasing activity. Ensure you have read relevant agency guidelines and procedures. Seek feedback from your manager.
    • asking your manager to be involved in a project or assignment within the team that has the opportunity to work with a provider or supplier. Keeping track of outcomes to ensure products or services received are in line with time and quality requirements.

    20: Exposure

    • seeking a mentor within your agency's procurement team or a senior manager within your area that is familiar with procurement systems and filling capability gaps identified through reviewing of the policies and procedures
    • joining a Community of Practice Group, eg the NSWP Capability Development community of practice
    • attending the Procurement to Pay Forum
    • joining networking groups, eg Procurement Leaders
    • joining Australasian Procurement and Construction Council
    • shadowing more experienced staff that do basic ordering, receipting and payment processes.

    10: Education

    • completing NSW Procurement systems training, such as NSW eQuote training
    • looking at external training options, eg Procurious, CIPS, ICAC and Next Level Purchasing Association
    • checking with your operational training team for any other division-specific programs that are relevant.