Use of NSW Government approved supplier logo

The NSW Government supplier logo confirms that a supplier is a member of a panel contract or scheme managed by the NSW Government.

Current suppliers to NSW Government contracts or schemes can display the logo in advertising or marketing activities which relate specifically to products and services covered by the contract or scheme.

Please note: This logo supersedes any previous logos issued. Use of any other NSW Government logo is not an indicator of current supplier status and may mislead customers. These should be removed from corporate or marketing materials.

Policy on use

The approved supplier logo may only be used in advertisements, brochures or web pages specifically relating to goods and services covered by the NSW Government contract or scheme. 

The logo is not to be used for generic marketing purposes and should not be used:

  • on the home page of your website
  • as a linking icon to another web page
  • in general publications, advertisements or any other marketing material that does not include or relate to the contracted items
  • in generic marketing or printing materials, such as letterheads, business cards, promotional items or vehicle signage.


Example of a supplier logo

Example: supplier logo

The logo must:

  • be used as a static image only
  • be reproduced as provided, including colours, proportions and font (colours are Pantone 281c (blue) and Pantone 186c (red))
  • have a minimum height of 15mm (45 pixels) surrounded by clear space of no less than the height of the ‘N’ in NSW Government
  • the logo proportions must be maintained, it must not be squashed or stretched
  • appear on a white or light background.

You may not:

  • apply effects to the logo such as drop shadows or making it opaque
  • print the logo against a graphic or photo (multi-coloured background)
  • add graphic elements
  • add a tagline beneath the logo.

The two colour version of the logo is the preferred version.

You may seek an exemption to use a black and white or reverse (white on black) version from NSW Procurement if colour reproduction is not available. Please apply in writing, outlining your reasons for the exemption and provide any examples to support the request. The exemption request should be emailed to the NSW Procurement Service Centre. If the exemption request is approved, an appropriate version of the logo will be provided.


The approved supplier logo remains the property of the NSW Government and NSW Procurement, DFSI.

Any use of the logo is only for the period that the contract or scheme is in place and you remain a current supplier to that contract or scheme. Should the contract or scheme expire or you cease to supply under the contract or scheme, your right to use the logo is revoked.

Improper use of the logo may result in approval for its use being withdrawn and suspension from the contract or scheme

Please seek advice from the NSW Procurement Service Centre if you are uncertain about the correct use or application of the approved supplier logo.

Maintenance of records 

A list is maintained by NSW Procurement of those suppliers that have applied to use the approved supplier logo. NSW Procurement undertakes periodic reviews of supplier logo usage and reserves the right to request and view copies of any instances of its use. 

For more information, please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre