Overview of the Gateway Review System

The Gateway process provides the NSW Government, as the investor, with a level of confidence that the state’s programs and projects are being effectively developed and delivered on time, on budget and in line with the government’s objectives. It also provides delivery agencies with independent assessments to support their internal assurance arrangements and help them to deliver successful outcomes.

Gateway includes peer reviews by independent experts at key decision points in a project or program’s lifecycle.

View the diagram showing the Procurement process and Gateway Review System(DOCX,100KB)

The teams assess the progress of projects against seven criteria:

  1. service delivery
  2. affordability and value for money
  3. sustainability
  4. governance
  5. risk management
  6. stakeholder management
  7. change management.

The results of each review are summarised in a report that provides a snapshot of the progress of a project. Where appropriate the report includes recommendations to strengthen the project.

NSW Treasury Circular TC17-03 makes the NSW Gateway Policy TPP17-01 applicable to all general government agencies and government businesses. State owned corporations are required to comply with the policy to the extent required under the Treasury’s Commercial Policy Framework.

TPP 17-01 makes the Gateway process applicable to all significant government investment/spending decisions (i.e. capital and recurrent spend).  It sets minimum requirements for risk based assurance frameworks and specifies Gateway coordination agencies (GCAs) who are responsible for the design and administration of these frameworks, in nominated areas, as shown below:

GCA Nominated area of responsibility Framework
Infrastructure NSW (INSW) Capital investments

Infrastructure Investor Assurance Framework

Department of Finance Services and Innovation (DFSI) ICT investments 

ICT Assurance Framework


NSW Treasury


Major recurrent investments

Recurrent Investor Assurance Framework

Each GCA framework sets out how the thresholds at which the framework applies for the relevant investment type and the arrangements and processes to be followed for external assurance. Projects must then be risk assessed and classified into tiers to determine when, and at what decision points, Gateway reviews must be undertaken.

GCA frameworks also set out associated project and program reporting and monitoring.

Agencies to which TPP 17-01 applies must familiarise themselves with these frameworks.  They are responsible for approaching the appropriate GCA for their investment proposal and finalising an assurance plan.

For more information

NSW Treasury is the policy owner for the NSW Gateway Policy. For more information visit Gateway review system overview at NSW Treasury.

If you have further questions, please contact Treasury’s Financial Change, Reform & TAHE team on 02 9228 4455 or email your enquiry to gateway@treasury.nsw.gov.au.

For specific queries relating to the GCA frameworks, please contact

Infrastructure Investor Assurance Framework assurance@infrastructure.nsw.gov.au
ICT Assurance Framework ICTAssurance@finance.nsw.gov.au
Recurrent Investor Assurance Framework gateway@treasury.nsw.gov.au