About the NSW Procurement Board

The NSW Procurement Board consists of the Secretary of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation as Chair and Secretaries of the Principal Departments appointed by the Minister for Finance and Services.

Section 165 of the Public Works and Procurement Act 1912  provides the establishment of the NSW Procurement Board.

The objectives of the Board under Section 171 of the Act are to:

  • develop and implement a Government-wide strategic approach to procurement
  • ensure best value for money in the procurement of goods and services by and for government agencies
  • improve competition and facilitate access to Government procurement business by the private sector, especially by small and medium enterprises and regional enterprises
  • reduce administrative costs for government agencies associated with procurement
  • simplify procurement processes while ensuring probity and fairness.

The functions of the Board under Section 172 are to:

  • oversee the procurement of goods and services by and for government agencies
  • develop and implement procurement policies
  • issue directions to government agencies
  • monitor compliance by government agencies with the requirements of the new Act (including NSW Procurement Board directions)
  • investigate and deal with complaints about the procurement activities of government agencies
  • develop appropriate procurement and business intelligence systems for use by government agencies
  • collect, analyse and publish data and statistics in relation to the procurement of goods and services by and for government agencies
  • such other functions as are conferred or imposed on the NSW Procurement Board by or under the principal Act or any other Act.

The NSW Procurement Board is subject to the direction and control of the Minister in the exercise of its functions and is able to establish subcommittees and advisory groups to assist the Board. The NSW Procurement Board is supported by the Procurement Leadership Group, Industry Advisory Group and procurement category working groups.

Procurement Industry Advisory Group

The role of the statutory-based seven-member Procurement Industry Advisory Group is to advise the NSW Procurement Board on matters relating to the procurement of goods and services, such as:

  • providing expert advice about trends and opportunities in procurement of goods and services
  • recommending options that respond to emerging procurement trends and issues
  • advising on sector-wide procurement matters, including industry standards, future directions, procurement strategy, and the impact of the Government’s procurement management decisions on industry and the non-government sector.

Strategic Directions

The NSW Procurement Board has issued Strategic Directions Statements to outline its reform program. 

Procurement Leadership Group

The Procurement Leadership Group, reporting to the NSW Procurement Board, comprises senior executives drawn from across the public sector. The Group supports and makes recommendations to the NSW Procurement Board on matters determined by the Group or referred to it by the NSW Procurement Board. A primary purpose of the Group will be to achieve and maintain consistent approaches to procurement across agencies and senior procurement leadership within agencies.

The NSW Procurement Board will also establish Category Working Groups around particular procurement categories and private sector industry advisory groups.

ICT goods and services procurement

The NSW Procurement Board has delegated the governance of procurement of ICT goods and services to the ICT Board. This is designed to ensure that the ICT policies and strategies endorsed by the ICT Board are implemented with the right mix of procurement activity and contracts. In this case ‘ICT goods and services’ include hardware, services, networking, software, and telecommunications which constitute the ICT procurement category.

View a more extensive list of goods and services considered to fit within this category.