Have your say - Aboriginal procurement policies

NSW Procurement is seeking feedback on the Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) and the Aboriginal Participation in Construction (APIC) policy.

The policies aim to support 3,000 employment opportunities for Aboriginal people by 2021. The APP aims for Aboriginal owned businesses to be awarded at least 3% of domestic contracts for goods and services, while the APIC policy requires contractors to direct 1.5% of the project cost to Aboriginal participation.

We welcome your feedback via anonymous surveys or written submissions.

Have your say by 28 July 2019

What is this about?

The APP and APIC policy help to deliver the NSW Government’s commitment to increasing economic and employment participation for Aboriginal people though leveraging government procurement opportunities.

Both policies support the NSW Government Plan for Aboriginal Affairs, OCHRE, and is a key deliverable under the Aboriginal Economic Prosperity Framework.

The policies allow NSW Government agencies to purchase directly from prequalified Aboriginal owned businesses up to $250,000 and aim to support 3,000 employment opportunities for Aboriginal people by 2021.

The APP aims for Aboriginal owned businesses to be awarded at least 3% of domestic contracts for goods and services by 2021, while the APIC policy requires 1.5% of applicable construction project spend to be allocated to Aboriginal participation.

The policies are monitored and administered by the NSW Procurement Board.

This consultation seeks your views and experience of the policies. They will help inform our annual review, which aims to strengthen the implementation framework to achieve the intended policy objectives.

What's happened so far?

NSW Procurement is undertaking a review of the policies in consultation with Aboriginal Affairs NSW, NSW Government agencies and industry.

Since the release of the policies in July 2018, NSW Procurement has regularly consulted with Aboriginal owned businesses, non-Aboriginal businesses and government agencies to hear feedback on how the policies are being implemented in practice, what’s working well and what challenges are being experienced. This has been done through workshops, events and one-on-one meetings.

NSW Procurement started the formal annual review process in February 2019. To date we have conducted:

  • 2 policy information sessions for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses, Aboriginal peak bodies and government agencies
  • a follow up survey to attendees that identified 4 key themes central to the policy: tools and support, monitoring and reporting, requirements and targets and engagement opportunities
  • 2 co-design workshops (one for industry and one for government agencies) exploring ideas and improvements within these themes.

Industry workshop participants explored the key themes in depth, identified possible solutions to challenges, and opportunities to enhance policy outcomes and implementation. The participants then voted on these, with the highest rated ideas presented to the government agency participants the following day for further discussion.

The government agency participants added additional ideas and explored how these could be implemented.

What happens next?

We want to hear about your views and experience of the policies, including your views on the proposed solutions and improvements to help us in strengthening how we can best deliver against the policy objectives.

You can send anonymous feedback via the surveys – either general feedback if you’re not familiar with the policies or feedback on each policy.

We also welcome written submissions to NSWP.Policy@treasury.nsw.gov.au

The consultation will close at midnight on Sunday 28 July 2019.

Some of the survey questions reflect the ideas developed by the co-design workshops. Your feedback will contribute to the review findings and recommendations.

The review report will be provided to the NSW Procurement Board for consideration and will be published on the ProcurePoint website.