ICT Services Catalogue for suppliers

The ICT Services Catalogue connects ICT suppliers with eligible buyers across NSW. It allows suppliers to increase their visibility and access to business opportunities.

The ICT Services Catalogues:

  • showcases products and services and how they meet or exceed standard government requirements
  • showcases existing and future services
  • improves suppliers’ searchability across the catalogue by including commercial terms, service delivery options, and technical and quality frameworks
  • allows suppliers to include links to websites, fact sheets and other resources
  • replicates supplier information in multiple places.

Suppliers can maximise the functionalities available on the catalogue by the following steps:

  1. View current information in the ICT Services eCatalogues and test searchability.
  2. Log in to the Supplier Data Portal to access and update ICT Services profile. Suppliers can update this themselves or engage a third-party service provider to enhance the information on their behalf.