What are telecommunications services?

Telecommunications services facilitate communication between users or systems.

Procurement arrangements

Enterprise telecommunications

Telecommunications services for offices, data centers and staff are able to be purchased through the ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020) under the Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements Panel (Contract 2210)

Enterprise telecommunications include services such as mobile devices and plans, telephony, office data connectivity and internet access.

For a full list of enterprise telecommunications services, see the contract guide (under What’s covered by this contract, Range of products and services).

Operational telecommunications

Telecommunications services and associated equipment for front-line emergency services and law enforcement can be purchased through the ITS-2573 Prequalification Scheme.

Operational communications include mission critical grade equipment, infrastructure and services to support public safety agencies such as police and emergency services.

For a list of operational communications products and services, see the scheme guide (under About the scheme, Range of products and services).

Procurement requirements for enterprise telecommunications

NSW Government has a policy governing the procurement of enterprise telecommunications services to encourage competition and drive value for money.

PBD-2019-02 Telecommunications procurement requires NSW Government agencies purchase through the Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements (Contract 2210) and get 3 quotes, unless purchasing the lowest price offered under the panel. Agencies must also cap the maximum length of contracts.

Approval is required where these requirements cannot be met. See more information on the exemption process.

DFSI-2017-01 Telecommunications commercial principles provides general guidance on how to approach the market. These principles should be considered when developing a sourcing strategy.

Procurement of fixed data services

As set out in DFSI-2017-01 Telecommunications commercial principles, buyers are encouraged to share fixed data links where they are co-located.

Link Sharing Portal helps buyers identify sharing opportunities. It lists locations of all known NSW Government fixed data services.

If a service exists at your planned location, please contact the host agency to discuss your requirements.

Access to the portal can be requested at tpa@finance.nsw.gov.au