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The Fleet contract management teams support NSW Government agencies in the planning, sourcing and management of contracts required for operating an effective fleet. This page provides resources and policies to guide and support agencies in their role of delivering transport solutions.

The Approved Vehicle List (AVL) is a concise list of vehicles recommended for the use of NSW Government agencies. It is a subset of the motor vehicle prequalification scheme and is guided by the NSW Government cluster business requirements, the NSWG Travel and Transport Policy, and the Motor Vehicle Operational Guidelines. The AVL will ensure that NSW Government utilises a fit for purpose and cost effective fleet.

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Approved Vehicle ListAggregated Buy Price ListMotor Vehicle Operational GuidelinesStatement of RequirementsScheme ConditionsNSW Buy Price ListMotor Vehicle Prequalification SchemeNSWG Travel and Transport PolicyNSWG Travel and Transport Policy

Fleet policies


Under Board Direction 2019-04 NSW government agencies must use whole-of-government contracts for obtaining goods and services to which those contracts apply. This extends to contracts 300 and 333.

NSW Government agencies are required to adhere to the NSW Government Travel and Transport Policy (PDF, 188 KB) effective 1 July 2016. The policy provides a framework for agencies’ travel and transport decision making, ensures spending is sustainable and achieves best value for money. It also promotes innovative and collaborative approaches to the way government manages its travel and transport needs.

For fleet, the Travel and Transport Policy should be read together with the Motor Vehicles Operational Guidelines (PDF,620 KB). The Travel and Transport Policy supersedes the Motor Vehicles Policy for NSW Government agencies.

Other policy documents

Prequalification scheme, fuel, disposals and CTP


SCM0653 Motor vehicles prequalification scheme

This scheme covers the supply of motor vehicles and the aggregated buy process for passenger, SUV, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. A list of manufacturers and their offerings can be found here.

Contract 370 Card fuel and associated products

Fuel cards for BP Australia, Caltex Australia Petroleum and Viva Energy (formerly Shell) are supplied under this contract.

Contract QGCP0681 Short term rental of motor vehicles

This contract covers the short term rental of passenger and commercial vehicles in Australia and internationally from the following providers: Avis Budget Rent a Car and Hertz.

Contract 603 State contract for disposal of motor vehicles

Agencies are required to use this contract with Pickles Auctions to dispose of government owned vehicles.

Contract 4005 Provision of compulsory third party (CTP) insurance

The NSW Government’s compulsory third party insurance provider is QBE Insurance Australia Ltd.

Fleet management and leasing


On 1 July 2016, StateFleet (the business unit of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation that delivered fleet management and leasing services to other government agencies) was decommissioned and replaced with an outsourced fleet supply model. This model consists of a panel of private sector fleet management providers (Contract 300) and a separate panel of lessors (Contract 333).

Rather than a single government-owned fleet, the model sees a fleet manager provider from contract 300 engaged by each government agency to deliver fleet services. The panel of lessors on contract 333 provides the capital funding to purchase new vehicles for each agency.

This model will lower costs, maximise ongoing competition in price and service levels, and free up approximately $1 billion in capital over the next four years. The change is also aligned with the broader government policy and budgetary considerations.

Contract 300 fleet management providers panel

Sgfleet Australia Pty Ltd

Smartfleet Management Pty Ltd

Contract 333 lessors panel

Custom Service Leasing Pty Ltd

Interleasing (Australia) Ltd

LeasePlan Australia Ltd Australia Limited

Toyota Fleet Management

Fleet management resources

Contact information

For more information on contract 300 or contract 333 and SmartPool contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre.

For existing leases established prior to 1 July 2016, contact DFSI Corporate Finance on StateFleet.Leasing@finance.nsw.gov.au.

For all enquiries about leases established on or after 2 July 2016, please contact your agency’s selected fleet management provider:

  • Sgfleet Australia Pty Ltd
    Name: Stephen Finch, Head of Customer Services - NSW Government
    Phone: 02 9494 1024
    Email: nsw.gov@sgfleet.com
    Address: Level 2, Building 3, 20 Bridge Street, Pymble, NSW, 2073
    Locked Bag 1003, Gordon, NSW 2072
  • Smartfleet Management Pty Ltd
    Name: Tania Pietsch, National Customer Service Manager
    Phone: 1300 780 097 
    Email: admin@smartfleetaustralia.com.au
    Address: Level 8, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000
    PO Box 252, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC, 8009

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