What you need to know first

Before you can supply goods and services to eligible government buyers, it is helpful to become familiar with the NSW Government procurement policies and guidelines.

The process of becoming a supplier varies depending on which goods and services are being provided.

Whole-of-government procurement arrangements

NSW Government arrangements include contracts, prequalification schemes and panels. They cover a vast array of goods and services. They range in types from best price, maximum price, retail convenience and quotation-based contracts and prequalification schemes.

To become a NSW Government contract supplier, you need to register on eTendering, monitor opportunities and then be successful in a tender or other sourcing process.

Agency-specific procurement arrangements

Not all goods and services are covered by whole-of-government contracts and prequalification schemes.

There are also agency-managed contracts and prequalification schemes. This is where a NSW Government agency manages their own contracts and schemes specific to their needs.

For example, the Personal Protective Equipment Contract (covering boots, gloves and helmets) is managed by NSW Fire and Rescue. The contract for Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Services is managed by NSW Ambulance Service.

While these contracts are managed by an agency, they can be made available for other NSW Government agencies to use. This allows other agencies to access the value benefits available through the contract.

To become a supplier to an agency-specific contract, you need to register on eTendering, monitor opportunities and then be successful in a tender or other sourcing activity.

Prequalification schemes

Various services to the NSW Government are contained in a prequalification scheme.

Suppliers wishing to provide these services can apply to be included on a panel of prequalified suppliers.

A prequalified supplier meets the appropriate quality, safety and viability standards of the NSW Government. Prequalified suppliers have access to a wider range of government business opportunities and a greater chance of success.

To apply for a scheme, you need to register on eTendering, complete an application form and upload required certifications, and pre-agree the standard terms and conditions.

To join the ICT Service Scheme for cloud products, services or support, you now need to apply through buy.nsw.

See the list of all NSW Government prequalification schemes.

Goods and services not covered by contracts and schemes

There are a range of items or one-off purchases not covered by whole-of-government or agency-specific contracts and schemes.

In these cases, suppliers need to market their goods and services directly to agencies.