Procurement System for Construction

The NSW Government Procurement System for Construction is an online solution that provides a structured approach to procurement. The system assists government agencies to manage effectively and efficiently procurement processes for construction.

This solution can help agencies achieve the most successful outcome for their project and provides the necessary guidance and support to help minimise risks and cost overruns. The system helps agencies achieve successful project outcomes by providing guidance and support to help minimise risks and cost overruns, assisting agencies and their advisers to apply appropriate levels of discipline to procurement, and by providing a consistent basis for managing the interface between government and the private sector. The system is maintained by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

Specifically, the Procurement System for Construction provides support for:

  • selection of appropriate procurement and contracting strategies, and nomination of an appropriate principal in contracts
  • preparation of tender documents and contracts based on standard forms
  • selection of contractors and consultants with proven performance records
  • effective management of contracts, including clause commentaries, sample letters and checklists
  • maintenance of an effective performance management system through monitoring and reporting
  • resolution of contractual claims and disputes.

Guidance material is available to assist  in managing construction contracts entered into under the Procurement System for Construction. This material does not change the legal rights or duties of the parties under a contract. For more information, view the disclaimer.

Under the Agency Accreditation Scheme for Construction Projects (DOCX, 32 KB) requirements, external experts must use the system. The assistance offered by NSW Procurement extends to advice on appropriate procurement and contracting strategies, tendering and preparation of tender documents, selection of consultants and contractors, contract administration and on avoiding disputes.