Buyer eligibility and registration

The Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2019 defines the organisations that are eligible to become registered buyers of NSW Government contracts and other supply arrangements as follows:

Procurement arrangements for other public bodies (Cl.6)

The Board may enter into agreements with public bodies that are not government agencies relating to the procurement of goods and services by and for those bodies. The Board may do so by allowing those bodies to have access to the procurement arrangements for government agencies or by making separate arrangements.

The Board may establish criteria for the exercise of the Board’s functions under this clause, including but not limited to the circumstances in which, and the public bodies to which, access to the arrangements for government agencies will not be given.

The Chief Executive of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation may charge a fee in connection with any agreement entered into between a public body and the Board under this clause. 

In this clause a community non-profit organisation does not include an industry association or similar body the activities of which are intended to promote the interests of a particular industry or sector of an industry.

A public body includes:

  • a private hospital
  • a local council or other local authority
  • a charity or other community non-profit organisation
  • a private school or college
  • a university
  • a public authority of the Commonwealth, any other state or territory
  • a public authority of any other jurisdiction (but only if it carries on activities in this State)
  • a contractor to a public authority (but only in respect of things done as such a contractor).

View the current list of NSW Government eligible buyers (XLSX, 71 KB).

View the current list of non-government eligible buyers (XLSX, 675 KB).

Apply to become a buyer

To register as a new buyer to use NSW Government contracts and other supply arrangements, please complete the online application form.

For assistance or more information, contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre.