About ProcurePoint

ProcurePoint  is managed by NSW Procurement, a division of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, on behalf of the NSW Procurement Board.

ProcurePoint provides procurement information and tools to help NSW government agencies and current or potential suppliers.

Contact NSW Procurement

General enquiries

The NSW Procurement Service Centre is the central contact point for help relating to procurement in NSW. The centre helps agencies and suppliers with information about the NSW procurement system and facilitates access to the online tools and systems that are available.

The NSW Procurement Service Centre operates between 8.30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. For information or assistance, contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on nswbuy@finance.nsw.gov.au or 1800 679 289.

Customer feedback

We are committed to conducting procurement in an honest, fair, accountable and transparent manner and we welcome feedback on any of our services. Please see feedback and help to see how to make a suggestion, compliment or complaint. 

Accessing government procurement information

The Government Information Public Access (GIPA) Act 2009 has replaced the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1989. The GIPA Act provides rights to information that are designed to meet community expectations of more open and transparent government. It encourages the routine and proactive release of government information, including information held by providers of goods and services contracted by government agencies.

Under the Act, certain information is required by law to be available on our website, free of charge, for example policy documents and a disclosure log. This is called 'open access information' and can be found on the Accessing DFSI information section of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation website.  Find out how to make a request for information through the GIPA Act. 

Information can also be found on ProcurePoint. If you cannot find the information you are looking for on this website, you can contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre to find out whether the information has already been released proactively in some other form.

Business ethics

NSW Procurement, as part of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, is committed to promoting integrity, ethical conduct and accountability in all areas of public administration. The Department’s Business ethics statement gives guidance to our commercial partners and suppliers on expected standards of ethical behaviour.

Find out more about business ethics.