Supplier Data Portal training

The Supplier Data Portal is a web based catalogue system for suppliers and government organisations (category managers) to review and update catalogue information available in NSWBuy eCatalogue.

Information and training is available to assist both suppliers and agency category managers in the use of the system.

Supplier information

Suppliers are able to view and amend their item data displayed on the NSWBuy eCatalogue through the Supplier Data Portal. 

Virtual training sessions (1.5 hour duration), are available to assist suppliers with downloading and amending current eCatalogue data and uploading and reviewing data.

Self-paced learning is available below including a workbook, simulations, a style guide and FAQs.

Workbook Simulations Style Guide FAQs
Step by step Supplier search and browse NSWBuy Catalogue General
  Downloading PSX Toolset   Using the PSX Toolset
  Uploading catalogue information   Loading data
      Revalidating catalogue data

Please note that the training simulations use Adobe Flash Player. If you have any trouble viewing the simulations, an instructor led training session can be organised through the NSW Procurement Service Centre.

Agency information

Agency category managers review catalogue information submitted by suppliers. A review is required to ensure the item data provided meets contractual agreements before it is published on NSWBuy eCatalogue.

A two-hour face-to-face training session is available to category managers or self-paced material is available including:

Training environment

training zone is available for supplier and agency category managers to practice using the Supplier Data Portal.

Please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre for information about training availability or to request a supplier or category manager login to access the Supplier Data Portal training environment.