Procurement Certification Training

This training program – delivered by NSW Procurement and the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA NSW) – encourages participants to develop their procurement skills and knowledge, and offers the opportunity to formalise their learning into a national qualification.

Goods and services procurement is a key strategic management function for NSW Government. This is underscored by the government’s focus on realising greater benefits including achieving significant savings through the increased use of government contracts and from other strategic procurement initiatives.

The program comprises four courses that offer capability development from the foundation of understanding NSW public sector procurement through to strategic procurement planning, negotiation and contract management. The following courses listed below are available on the IPAA NSW website. 

Course Is this course for me?

Introduction to NSW Public Sector Procurement

Anyone may undertake this eLearning program, which is designed to ensure that government officers involved in spending NSW Government funds are aware of the legislative, regulatory and policy requirements. Any officer new to the NSW Government, and/or new to procurement should complete this course. The course contains five self-paced 30 minute modules covering procurement principles, the NSW public sector procurement framework, public sector probity requirements and a case study covering low risk, low value procurement activities. Details for enrolment are available on the IPAA NSW website.

Effective Procurement Capabilities for the NSW Public Sector

This two and a half day program is designed for participants who are not necessarily procurement specialists but who may be involved in procurement activities that use whole-of-government or agency specific arrangements and/or involve seeking competitive quotations. Anyone who is new to government and/or to procurement should complete the Introduction to NSW Public Sector Procurement eLearning program prior to attending this course. 

Diploma of Procurement and Contracting

This nine day (three x three days) program is aimed at professional procurement and contract management officers who are experienced in NSW public sector procurement and want to enhance their existing capabilities in the profession. It takes participants through the stages of planning, sourcing and managing complex procurement activities. It includes the evaluation of offers as well as the negotiation and performance management of complex contracts.

Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting

This nine day program (three x three days) is strategically focused on the development of organisational procurement capability. It is suitable for highly experienced professional procurement specialists or managers wanting to enhance their strategic capabilities in procurement and contract management. 

Theses courses are delivered by experienced facilitators and are a valuable source of continuing professional development as well as an opportunity to meet and learn from other procurement professionals representing a wide variety of organisations.

Further information

For further information about the Procurement Certification Training Program please contact IPAA NSW on (02) 9228 5225 or via email: