NSW eTendering training

eTendering is a web based tender management system that delivers a standard single entry point for government organisations and suppliers to advertise and respond to NSW Government tenders. Business opportunities with NSW Government agencies are listed on the NSW eTendering website, including upcoming, current and closed opportunities.

Information and training is available to assist both suppliers and agency administrators in the use of the system.

Supplier information - lodging tenders

A detailed public user guide in the use of NSW eTendering is available for suppliers through the help link on NSW eTendering. The guide outlines how to set up a supplier profile on NSW eTendering, download government requests for tenders (RFTs) and upload tender responses.

QuickGuides are available below to assist in working with and lodging tenders:

    Frequently asked questions are also available to assist suppliers.

    Agency information

    Agency administrator training reviews how to efficiently set-up and maintain the eTendering system, mange user accounts and advertise RFTs online.

    QuickGuides are available below to assist in these processes:

    Simulations have been developed to provide assistance in working with and lodging tenders:

    A detailed administration guide is also available for agency administrators.

    Training environment

    A dedicated training zone is available for agency administrators to train procurement staff. It outlines the system conditions of use.

    Course dates

    Face-to-face training is available for agency staff at regular dates throughout the year. View the training calendar to see the upcoming scheduled dates and to register your interest.

    Please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre for further information about the training that is available or to request an agency user login to access the online NSW eTendering training environment.