eCatalogue training

NSWBuy eCatalogue is an end-to-end, flexible procurement solution that connects buyers and suppliers across NSW, instantly, through the advertising and purchasing of goods and services. NSWBuy eCatalogue makes it easier than ever before for suppliers and buyers to do business.

Face to face, virtual or self-paced learning will show administrators how to efficiently set up and manage their organisation in the system and suppliers how to view their online profile.

Agency information

NSW Government agencies have access to a wide range of search facilities, easy access to supplier contact information, and for administrators, the ability to manage agency users.

Agency Administrator training reviews using the system from a buyer and approver perspective as well as how to create and manage user accounts including their organisational information.

View the training calendar  to register your interest.

Please note that Adobe Flash Player is required to view the simulations.  If you have any trouble viewing the simulations, an instructor-led training session can be organised through the NSW Procurement Service Centre.

The below training materials are available for self-paced learning including:

Quickguides Simulations FAQs
Basic navigation (DOCX,413KB)

Search and browse 

Search and browse (DOCX,290KB)


Buying (DOCX,253KB)


Order approvers
Approver (DOCX,190KB)


Search and browse users
Purchasing from external catalogues (DOCX,398KB)    
Receipting orders (DOCX,238)    

Supplier information

Improved search facilities provide greater visibility to the products and services offered by suppliers.  All items within NSWBuy eCatalogue are visible to the public but without pricing.  Suppliers are able to search and view their items on NSWBuy via public access.

The following training simulation is available to suppliers to assist with understanding how to view their item data in NSWBuy eCatalogue:

Suppliers wishing to update their advertised catalogue should also refer to the Supplier Data Portal training information.

Training environment

training zone is available for agency administrators to train procurement staff.

Please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre for further information about the training that is available or to request an agency user login to access the NSWBuy eCatalogue training environment.