Policy and reform

The NSW Government is overhauling its system for procurement to streamline internal government processes, deliver simpler contracts and make it easier to do business with the NSW Government.

The procurement reform laws, initially contained in the Public Sector Employment and Management Amendment (Procurement of Goods and Services) Act 2012 were transferred to the Public Works and Procurement Act 1912 in 2014.

Key objectives are a government wide strategic approach to procurement, ensuring value for money, and improving industry engagement and small and medium enterprises access to government procurement business.

Please find below more information about the NSW Procurement Board, procurement reform, policy, guidance and other related information.

NSW Procurement Laws

The NSW Government is overhauling the system for government procurement.

NSW Procurement Board

Information about the NSW Procurement Board, Strategic Directions, Government Procurement Policy and Board Directions

NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework

View the policy framework for government procurement

Agency Accreditation Scheme

Accreditation for agencies based on assessed procurement capability

NSW Government procurement information

Whole-of-government procurement policies and guidance

NSW Procurement reform

Information about NSW Government procurement reform, strategic directions and contract devolution

Goods and Services

Policies and guidelines for goods and services procurement

Construction policies

All construction policy related documents can be found here.

Overview of the Gateway Review System

Information about the gateway review system and related tools, how to arrange a review, and how to become a reviewer