Booking travel

FCM Travel Solutions (FCM) is the approved supplier of travel management services to the whole of NSW Government and other eligible customers under Contract 1008 Travel management services.

FCM provides an online booking tool, reporting tool and a dedicated Sydney based consultant team to book all types of travel including:

  • air travel
  • accommodation
  • car hire
  • rail and ferry
  • coach
  • charter
  • group travel
  • conferencing
  • visa service.

Under Board Direction 2012-02 NSW government agencies must use whole-of-government contracts for obtaining goods and services to which those contracts apply.  Contract 1008 and contract 1009 are applicable contracts.

Ministerial media release

Read Government travel contract to save NSW taxpayers millions


    NSW Government staff can access training on FCM services and their online booking tool in a number of ways:

    • presentations: open sessions for travellers from all clusters and closed sessions tailored to agency-specific needs 
    • online meetings: offering the same content delivered during a presentation session, but delivered via WebEx at your work desk
    • videos: short training videos covering basic online booking tool transactions will be available on ProcurePoint (coming soon).

    All Carlson Wagonlit Travel bookings transferred to FCM

    On the 1st of May 2016 all bookings made with Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) were transferred to FCM. No action is required by travellers unless they need to modify or cancel their travel. If so, please contact FCM.

    AMEX Business Travel Account (BTA)

    The AMEX BTA (Contract 1009 Virtual travel card payment) is the mandated form of payment for travel booked under Contract 1008.  

    Traveller profiles

    Traveller profiles held by the previous TMC have not been automatically loaded into FCM’s systems.  Each cluster has decided on how traveller profiles will be created for 1 March 2016.  For further information regarding your cluster’s transition, please contact your cluster/agency representative below.

    Frequent Flyer points

    Public officials, with approval of the relevant Secretary, may accept loyalty or frequent flyer points from any airline in respect of official travel.  Bookings for air travel using loyalty or frequent flyer points must be made through FCM under Contract 1008 Travel Management Services.  Where any airline loyalty points are accrued from official travel, these points must be used to pay for further official travel.  Airline loyalty points accrued from official travel must not be used for personal travel or for other personal benefits.

    The Ministers’ Office Handbook states airline, car or hotel loyalty schemes or lounge memberships may be accepted by ministers or their staff, but are not to influence travel decisions. If a minister or their staff accrue any airline loyalty points for official business trips at NSW Government expense, these points may be used to pay for further official business trips. Airline loyalty points must not be used to pay for private benefits.

    For further information please refer to the NSW Government Travel and Transport Policy.

    Frequent Flyer FAQ

    Travel insurance and travel assistance

    NSW Self Insurance Corporation manages two types of assistance for Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) staff on overseas official business: 

    1. Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) travel insurance​

    The TMF provides protection to NSW government agencies and employees within a TMF agency, and other persons working for the TMF agency not covered by the NSW Workers Compensation legislation.

    Travel insurance available covers:

    • loss of life or disablement during travel except when the employee is covered under the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998
    • recovery of overseas hospital, medical and ambulance expenses arising from any one accident
    • loss or damage to baggage and personal effects.

    Note: The TMF will not cover a State Owned Corporation (SOC) or Public Trading Entity (PTE) if it becomes 'privatised'. If the SOC or PTE becomes 'privatised', it must obtain insurance from a private insurer. The TMF scheme is for the benefit of Government agencies only.  

    For further information on travel insurance including coverage, certificate of currency and pre-travel advice please contact GIO TMF Customer Service during business hours 02 8121 3128, after hours 1800 411 082 or email

    2. Overseas medical and emergency assistance

    Dynamiq Pty Ltd is a provider of overseas medical and security assistance.  Dynamiq has doctors available to assist in most capital cities throughout the world and can arrange both pre-travel advice and 24-hour emergency medical assistance including advice, treatment and medical evacuations where necessary. It will also arrange for evacuation where civil security is threatened.  This assistance is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide.  Dynamiq can be contacted by reverse charge anytime and from anywhere in the world.  Dyanmiq's emergency contact details are available on your travel itinerary.

    For further information on emergency overseas travel assistance please phone 1800 811 543 or visit

    Car hire insurance

    NSW Government’s approved car hire suppliers under Contract QGCP0681 Short term rental of motor vehicles are Avis, Hertz and Budget.  NSW Government's rates with these approved suppliers include insurance cover for accident damage to the rental vehicle and third party property.  NSW Government travellers can pay an additional daily fee to reduce the excess payable in the event of a motor vehicle accident where the NSW Government driver is at fault.

    Agency/cluster contacts

    For more information regarding implementation of your agency/cluster, please contact:

    FCM contact details

    Please see the contact information page.