NSW Government has introduced a new service delivery platform for online procurement - NSWBuy. NSWBuy is an end to end, flexible procurement solution that comprises a number of new and existing online service delivery platforms and tools for buyers and suppliers.

At the heart of the platform is NSWBuy eCatalogues, connecting buyers and suppliers across NSW, instantly and at any time, in the advertising and purchasing of goods and services. eCatalogues makes it easier than ever before for suppliers and buyers to do business in NSW.

It provides a rich search function and purchasing experience for buyers, and gives suppliers greater control of their catalogues through the Supplier Data Portal, enabling them to provide up-to-date information about the products and services they offer under contract.

eCatalogues is easy to use, and with support only a phone call or email away, it will give you the tools you need to procure with confidence.

Benefits for buyers

Catalogue search facilities: The highly dynamic and responsive platform has significantly improved search facilities. Users can search by contract, category, item, supplier and other available catalogue information.

Supplier information: Pop-up windows and links to current contract user guides provide easy access to supplier contact information.

Current catalogues: Suppliers can manage their own catalogue data, helping to ensure catalogues are current and contain information to assist buyer decision-making.

Managing your procurement: Administrators can access improved functionality for managing agency-specific catalogues and personalised views, and can access the current status of orders with improved filtering capabilities.

For more information about eCatalogues, please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre.