Prequalification schemes

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation has established a number of prequalification schemes which assist agencies to find suppliers who are prequalified to work with government.

Suppliers can apply to become pre-approved through a number of prequalification schemes to undertake work for the NSW Government. For each individual scheme, guidelines and rules have been established to manage the respective risks. As risk increases, so does the level of assessment criteria.

Schemes can cover an extensive range of services and goods; therefore they may be broken down into specific categories or capabilities. Suppliers can be accepted onto more than one category or capability, once they have met the prequalification requirements for the scheme. For information about the categories or capabilities covered within a specific scheme, please refer to the respective scheme’s guidelines which can be found on this website.

All suppliers seeking acceptance onto a prequalification scheme to provide goods and/or services will need to ensure they have first registered their business on the NSW Government’s eTenders website.

Online registration is not required for the Financial assessment services scheme.

Current prequalification schemes

See the list of all NSW Government prequalification schemes.

Establishing a new prequalification scheme

Agencies considering creating a new prequalification scheme should refer to the prequalification scheme planning guide.

Application process for suppliers

Suppliers should complete the online form/questionnaire, upload any required certification, select the capabilities for which they can provide services, and pre-agree the standard terms and conditions. Please refer to the details covering each individual scheme for more information about the specific application process and supplier intake.

The application will then go through an approval process and suppliers are notified of the outcome.

Once accepted onto a scheme, suppliers will then only need to agree on a formal scope of works and price with an agency.

Benefits of prequalification schemes

Each prequalification scheme provides a range of specific benefits and these include:

For buyers

  • access to panels of a wider range of expert resources that can assist in development of business cases and project quality assurance reports
  • streamlined competitive tendering processes by accessing prequalified suppliers with a demonstrated track record
  • enhanced probity standards through third-party assessment and selection of suppliers. 

 For suppliers

  • a significant reduction in red tape and cost in doing business with government
  • the removal of the management fee previously levied on suppliers
  • simplified scheme terms and conditions
  • a self-service, online application process
  • apply for business opportunities by regions and categories, where available.
To assist suppliers and buyers with their sourcing activities, NSW Procurement is developing its eQuote service for online access to an increasing range of prequalification schemes.  Find out more information about eQuote.

The eQuote system currently supports some schemes, with more coming online in due course. View the list of current schemes on the eTendering website for more information.